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In 2013, MVPO was one of five organizations chosen by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to form a Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for a two-year pilot program. ODOT created this program to strengthen and formalize the rural consultation process that is followed when carrying out statewide planning activities.


During the pilot program, MVPO developed a long range transportation plan (called 'Moving Together 2040'), transportation planning expertise, and conducted inter-agency consultation as well as stakeholder outreach. The pilot program was successful and MVPO was recently officially designated by Ohio's Governor as an RTPO. MVPO is now implementing the long range transportation plan, continuing to conduct transportation planning for the region, conducting inter-agency consultation and stakeholder outreach, and providing technical assistance related to transportation, such as traffic counting and preparing funding applications for transportation projects.​

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The Northwest Ohio Mobility program was established to assist in addressing the unmet transportation needs in Defiance, Fulton, Henry, and Williams Counties. Some of the activities required to achieve this goal are:

  • Host public meetings and distribute surveys to identify any unmet transportation needs.

  • Advocate on the behalf of residents for the expansion of services.

  • Lead the coordinated planning process and identify strategies to fill gaps in service.

  • Solicit support from local stakeholders and decision makers.

  • Assist in the execution of identified strategies to fill gaps in service.

  • Provide feedback to stakeholders and decision makers on the results of implemented strategies.

While Mobility Management programs can look very different across communities based on the local unmet needs, one aspect is common among all programs – they exist to better the lives of those in the community.