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about mvpo

The Maumee Valley Planning Organization (MVPO) is a voluntary association of local governments designated as an Ohio Regional Planning and Development Organization.  

  • Makes and implements joint regional decisions

  • Provides management, planning and technical services to local governments

  • Identifies and solves short and long-term problems best addressed at the regional level

  • Brings together local elected officials on a regular basis, giving them an opportunity to form working relationships.


DENNIS MILLER Executive Director 

WILL BURNS Economic Development Coordinator

MARY HALL Fiscal Officer

ARICA ALVAREZ Administrative Assistant/Fair Housing Coordinator

LIZ KEEL Housing Coordinator

DOTTIE VOLLMAR Housing Support Specialist

JACOB WREEDE Housing Specialist

LUCAS BARE Housing Technician

ESTEE MILLER Senior Planner

MIKAYLA MUELLER Community Development Planner

NICK WALTERS Community Development Planner

AMANDA POBEGA Planner/ GIS Analyst

SIERRA NATHANS Mobility Manager

Explore the MVPO region using this interactive map! Search for places in the search bar.
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