Fulton County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank)

152 S. Fulton Street, Suite 270                                                                       (419) 337-9255    


The Fulton County Land Reutilization Corporation (FCLRC), also called the Fulton County Land Bank, was formed in 2021 with a mission to reclaim, rehabilitate, and reutilize vacant, abandoned, tax-foreclosed, or other real property in the County. The Land Bank Board is made up of two County Commissioners, the County Treasurer, a municipal representative from the largest municipality, and a township representative, as required by the Ohio Revised Code §1724.03.


Board of Directors

Joe Short, President

Keith Torbet, Vice President

R.J. Lumbrezer, Secretary/Treasurer

Charlene Lee, Appointed Director

Richard Perkins, Appointed Director

Gene Wilson, Appointed Director


This program is designed to provide grants for the demolition of commercial and residential buildings and revitalization of surrounding properties. If you have a property that you would like demolished, please email Christina Deehr at: planner2@mvpo.org, the property card and photos of the property that you want demolished so that your property can be considered for demolition. The deadline to submit your demolition interest to Christina is January 31, 2022.

Eligible Properties

Blighted, vacant or abandoned structures are eligible for demolition. Commercial and residential buildings on sites that are not brownfields are eligible properties. Commercial properties include buildings that were used for retail, office, manufacturing, industrial, industrial warehousing, institutional, or other non-residential or mixed-use (meaning any mix of these uses or a mix of residential and commercial uses) purposes.

Non-vacant and blighted structures are not eligible, unless they are contiguous and/or connected to vacant and blighted structures that are necessary to demolish.

Meeting Schedule


The Fulton County Land Bank was created in December of 2021. The Board is still deciding on a regular meeting time. This will be updated once a decision is made.