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revolving loan fund (RLF)

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) offers loans to businesses in conjunction with a bank. Such funds are used in the event that full financing cannot be obtained from a bank, or to fill the "gap" between a bank loan and the financing necessary to complete a proposed business project. The RLF will not provide 100% financing of a project. These loans have created jobs and retained jobs within the five county region. With these funds, the RLF has generated private funds invested in the region and additional public funds. The Maumee Valley Planning Organization has been working on building RLF loan capacity since 1993 and currently manages RLF funds in the following Counties, Cities, and Villages:

  • Defiance County

  • Fulton County

  • Henry County

  • Williams County

  • City of Bryan

  • City of Defiance

  • City of Wauseon

  • Village of Hicksville

  • Village of Edgerton


Purpose of the RLF

  • Create or retain permanent, private sector, full-time jobs for low and moderate income households.

  • Provide capital for business development and expansion within the region.

  • Achieve maximum number of jobs per loan fund dollar.

  • Bolster the tax bases of local units of government.


RLF Need Criterion

It is the policy and purpose of the RLF Committee to provide gap financing to business projects that offer job creation and private investment gains to the regional economy. To receive the full loan application packet and guidelines contact MVPO. Access the general application below or in the forms tab:

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