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Round 38 Applications for the Ohio Public Works State SCIP/LTIP are now available. The Round 38 Scoring Methodology and Priority Rating Sheet can be accessed at the bottom of this page. 

Defiance County 

  • Blosser and Glenburg
  • Defiance City
  • Farmer Twp
  • Independence Mekus Behnfeldt Glenburg
  • Independence Standley Buckskin





Erie County

  • Huron - Water Main and Street Repave
  • Huron - Water Pump Station

  • Margaretta Township - Area Repaving

  • Perkins Township - Searsville Reconstruction

  • Sandusky - Camp Street

  • Sandusky - Downtown Paving

  • Vermilion - Edgewater Drive Waterline Replacement

  • Vermilion - Pineview Drive Reconstruction 

  • Vermilion - Water Pollution Control Facility Improvements

  • Village of Castalia - Barwell and Lucas Revision 




Fulton County

  • Fayette Phase 2 Water Distribution System Replacement
  • Lyons Water Tower Replacement
  • Road 10 
  • Road 15-1
  • Road 2
  • Road 24
  • Road D and Road N
  • Swanton Crestwood Drive
  • Wauseon Chestnut and Vine Street
  • Wauseon Enterprise Sanitary Sewer




Henry County

  • 2024 Resurfacing Program
  • 2024 Widening Project Ridgeville and Pleasant Townships

  • E Washington Street Sanitary Sewer Improvements

  • HCE and DCE Widening Project

  • Phase II Turkeyfoot Storm Sewer



Ottawa County

  • Erie Township - Various Roads Resurfacing 

  • Oak Harbor 2024

  • Church Road

  • Port Clinton Laurel Avenue Reconstruction 

  • Salem Township - Various Roads Resurfacing 



Paulding County

  • 144 Paving

  • Paulding Village Wayne Street Waterline

  • Township Road Improvements Carryall


Sandusky County

  • Ballville Township - Road Repaving

  • Clyde - Pavement Replacement Program

  • Clyde - Grant Street Culvert Replacement

  • Fremont - Hayes Buckland Street Improvements

  • Fremont - Dickinson Street Pavement Improvements

  • Sandusky County Engineer - CR 64, CR 65 and CR 66

  • Gibsonburg - Long Term Control Plan Improvements

  • Woodville - Elevated Tank Replacement


Williams County

  • 2024 Bridge Replacement Program

  • Hickory Hills WWTP Replacement

  • Lining 54 Inch Cranberry Run 400 W Block W Washington

  • Main Lift Station - Edgerton

  • SCSD 1 Rehabilitation 

  • South Myers Area Sanitary Sewer

  • Twp Road 15 75 Storm Sewer Improvements

  • WIL CR29 (K) Reconstruction 


Wood County

  • City of Northwood - Arbor Drive Reconstruction

  • City of Perrysburg - Five Point Road and Roachton Road Rehabilitation

  • City of Rossford - Colony Road, Culvert Road and Storm Sewer Reconstruction 

  • Twp Freedom - South River Road Reconstruction 

  • Twp Grand Rapids - Pratt Lane Resurfacing

  • Twp Middleton - Pargillis Road Widening

  • Twp Portage - Bloomdale Road Resurfacing

  • Twp Webster - Swan Road Resurfacing

  • Twp Weston - Euler Road Widening

  • Village of Bloomdale - Storm Sewer Phase 3

  • Village of North Baltimore - East Broadway Street Reconstruction

  • Village of Portage - East Water Street Widening and Resurfacing

  • Village of Walbridge - Walbridge Road Resurfacing

  • Village of Weston - Main Street Improvements

  • Wood County - Bowling Green Road West Bridge No 2-616A Replacement

  • Wood County - Tontogany Road Resurfacing 


OPWC Infrastructure funding programs include:

  1. State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP) and SCIP Loan, and SCIP Credit Enhancement, also referred to a Loan Assistance. Eligible applicants are counties, cities, villages, townships, and water and sanitary districts (ORC 6119 or 6117). Eligible projects are for improvements to roads, bridges, culverts, water supply systems, wastewater systems, storm water collection systems, and solid waste disposal facilities; and

  2. Local Transportation Improvement Program (LTIP) is limited to roads and bridges, only. Counties, cities, villages and townships may apply for these funds.


PY 38/FY25 Application Deadline: Applications are due September 8, 2023 by 4:00 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: This year applications are required to be submitted through the OPWC WorksWise Portal. In addition to the portal submittal, one electronic pdf file of the application and exhibits must be submitted to the respective County Subcommittee by the deadline.

In order to access the Portal, you must sign up for a username and password. Visit for details on how to request access, as well as training videos on how to use the system. Paper applications can still be used, but the applications must still be put into the WorksWise portal in order to be eligible for scoring. Contact your Program Representative or District Liaison for questions.

If you have not yet registered to receive your Workswise login, please do so by contacting Ashley Ellrod at

Ashley Ellrod

Program Representative

Ohio Public Works Commission


Should you have trouble submitting the application and will be unable to meet the deadline please contact Dennis Miller, District 5 Liaison at or 419-784-3882 for assistance. The submittal to the County Subcommittee by the Application Deadline is required regardless of your ability to submit the application through the WorksWise Portal.


PY 38/FY 25 Infrastructure Application Schedule

OPWC State Capital Improvements Program and Local Transportation Improvement Program -
Instructions for Financial Assistance

PY 38/FY 25 Application 

Example Attachments

District 5 PY 38/FY 25 Questionnaire and
Scoring Methodology

District 5 PY 38/FY 25 Priority Rating Sheet

PY 38/FY 25 Application Checklist

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