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District 5 Round 31 Applications

The Ohio Public Works District 5 Round 31 Applications are now available to view and download for the following Counties:

Defiance County
Defiance County
Defiance County Round 31 Project List
City of Defiance
County Ayersville Pleasant Bend
County Bend Banner School
County Bend Fruit Ridge
Hicksville North Main Waterline
Sherwood Wastewater Treatment Plant
Erie County
Erie County
Erie County Round 31 Project List
Dewitt Ave, Etc. Pavement Improvements
Meeting Minutes 9-14-16
Erie County CR 120-0.71
Meeting Minutes 9-21-16
Scoring Summary - Subcommittee Submittal 9-21-16
Bardshar Road Widening & Resurfacing
Chappell Street Resurfacing
Campbell Street Resurfacing
Fabens Park Adams Ave Entrance
Margaretta Twp Surfacing Project
McCartney Road Repair & Resurfacing
SR 101 Water Booster Pump Station Replacement
Fulton County
Fulton County
Church Street Reconstruction Phase 1
Fernwood Avenue Improvements Phase 1
Road 26 Resurfacing and Bridge Replacement
Road K at Road 12, Road M SR 64 to Road 5
Road L 5 to 6 and Road M 22 to 23
W. Garfield Ave Bridge Replacement
Henry County
Henry County
Henry County Scoring Summary 
Henry County OPWC Scoring Summary 
Haley Ave Sewer Improvement
Hamler Water Plant Improvement
Maple Street Drainage Improvements
Roads M2 5A 1 M Beaver Street
Roads T 7 17 D, etc. 
Waterline Ext Phase 1B & Union Street
Ottawa County
Ottawa County
County Subcommittee Round 31 Score Sheet
Bier Road
Genoa Booster
Genoa Washington
Gypsum Road 
Port Clinton Credit Enhancement
Sanitary Engineering - 1
Sanitary Engineering - 2
Sanitary Engineering - 3
Village of Oak Harbor Phase 3 Waterline
Paulding County
Paulding County
Scoring Summary County Subcommittee Submittal
Benton Twp et al. Road Improvements
Antwerp Water Plant Improvements
Payne Street Resurfacing
Auglaize Twp et al. Road Improvements
State Paulding Street Reconstruction
Sandusky County
Sandusky County
Sandusky County Round 31 Spreadsheet
CR 229 239 Improvements
Ballville Township Lead
East State Street Improvements
City of Clyde
Hayes Ave Cleveland Ave Improvements
City of Fremont Streets
Napoleon Road CR 90 Improvements
City of Fremont Waterline
Sandusky Co. Commissioners Wightman's Cove
CR 30 Improvements
Village of Lindsey
CR 198 Improvements
Village of Woodville
Williams County
Williams County
County Screening Committee Minutes 9-19-16
Edgerton Oak Street Score Sheet
County Subcommittee Round 31 Score Sheet
Montpelier CSO Plan Phase 5
County Subcommittee Round 31 Score Sheet
Montpelier Score Sheet
Bryan Score Sheet
West Unity WWTP
Bryan Southwest Sanitary Sewer Replacement
West Unity Score Sheet
Edgerton Business Alley
Williams County Paving
Edgerton East Alley Score Sheet
Williams County Score Sheet
Edgerton Oak Street
Wood County
Wood County
County Submittal to District - 1
NWWSD - Village of Weston Silver St Waterline Loop
County Submittal to District - 2
Twp Henry - Rudolph Rd Widening & Aligning
City of Bowling Green
Twp Middleton - King Road
City of Northwood
Twp Perrysburg - Bates Road Improvement
City of Perrysburg
Village of Grand Rapids - Mill St and Bridge St
Grand Rapids - OPWC Revised
Village of Jerry City - Street Reconstruction
Grand Rapids - Page 1
Village of Walbridge - Clayton St and Harlan Dr
Jerry City - OPWC Revised
Village of Weston - Center Street Resurfacing
North Baltimore Main Street Waterline Replacement
Wood County - Bowling Green Road West
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